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Where does all the payouts come from?

Posted on 23 January 2022 11:43:26

Difficult as it is to explain in plain words, we give it a go by starting to let you compare our cryptocurrency to company stocks. The blockchain is the issuing organ for its currency, and a company is the issuing organ for its stocks. Stocks are commonly traded on stock exchanges, and cryptocurrencies are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Nevertheless, stocks and cryptocurrencies can be given away for free, or sold for a set price outside exchanges. Stocks value and cryptocurrency value are both driven by accessibility and demand. However, a large number of users on a blockchain will have a self-reinforcing effect and give the network greater value and sustainability. That’s why it is important for us to build a substantial user base before we list Diginaro on exchanges. The combined number of active users gives the network greater value, and we reward all our active users for that. A win-win situation.

so, with all that in mind, the short answer is that every time you get paid a reward, it is minted in real time and paid out to your wallet.