Cover letter.

Our journey began when we had a light-bulb moment driving into work one lucky morning. Complaining about high gas prices and the increasing cost of travel, we started to discuss the idea of a blockchain based on a new, eco-friendly consensus mechanism to pass the time. When it dawned on us this could be the solution to our rising travel costs, we couldn’t stop talking!

From that moment, we we’re obsessed with making our idea a reality, and have been working hard to do so ever since. Overtime, we moved away from hardware-based solution to the mobile app solution we have now launched. And, although the journey hasn’t been smooth, we have never lost sight of our original goal of using ground-breaking blockchain technology to help people; lowering their travel costs, encouraging physical movement to improve their health, supporting the millions of people who are unable to open a bank account, and simply entertaining the world in a novel way.

With this in mind, we are incredibly proud to announce the launch of the PayTrip App V.1.0. – the travel revolution starts today!

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank our two angel investors for believing in our mission. Even when the entire project has pivoted, they never lost faith in us or our aim.

Thanks a million!

CEO & Chief of Technology


Introduction to the PayTrip™ Project

Phase one of the PayTrip™ project is designed to scale the user base, serve as our ICO information channel, and to help ad-fund further development and growth in our network operation. We welcome people from all over the world to earn an unlimited amount of our digital currency, ‘Diginaro’. You are rewarded up to 15 Diginaro for each check-in, and up to 150 Diginaro for every person you refer to register a user account. You can check-in once every hour, and there is no limit to how many people you can invite to download the PayTrip™ app.

Phase two of the PayTrip™ project is our ultimate destination, and this is where it gets even more fun! At this stage, we launch our Proof of Travel blockchain, the PayTrip™ version 2.0 app, and the Airdrop™ AR game. To begin this phase, we will switch from check-in rewards to travel rewards. Crucially, this means that you will then be able to start to verify blocks on our network by travelling, meaning you can begin to earn money for every trip you take. This might sound complicated but, we’ll be doing all the hard stuff to ensure that, for you, this will all happen automatically and effortlessly. Your only job is to travel and earn!

Furthermore, the PayTrip™ version 2.0 app unlocks free access to the engaging Airdrop™ game, enabling you to earn money for playing as well as traveling. And, with airdrops that can contain up to $100,000 worth of digital currency, it’s a game seriously worth playing!

Also, it’s important to note that we don’t, and don’t plan on, charging you to use the PayTrip™ app. Instead, ad networks pay us to show you ads. Ads are displayed after each check-in and on various app pages. You are not obligated to view or click on any of the ads to receive rewards. However, if you want to increase your earnings and enjoy our ad-free version, check out the subscription-based Gold Member upgrade option in the app.


Our currency.

Diginaro is our digital currency, deployed on our blockchain to help people lower their travel costs, and to help millions of people who are unable to open a bank account. Diginaro is designed with the potential to become the preferred mainstream global payment currency. When made available on cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future, you can exchange your Diginaro for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or fiat currencies like US dollars or Euros.

The exact listing date depends on the collective contribution volume of PayTrip users. We will set the opening price of Diginaro based on circulating supply and the number of active users on the network two weeks prior to the upcoming ICO.

Working towards our long-term goal, we will continually focus on navigating our digital currency to become the new and improved Bitcoin. With a green approach and transaction speed that is comparable to that of card transactions, we believe that we can make that happen. We know it’s a bold goal but, you might regret letting the chance of being onboard a “Bitcoin type journey” go amiss again! Think about it.

You have everything to gain from using our reward app and, because it’s free, nothing to lose! Get on board today and download the PayTrip™ app to start earning Diginaro now! Become a part of our growing community and help us make PayTrip™ a global phenomenon, and enjoy unlimited rewards for travelling in the near future.


The Diginaro blockchain.

Our technical plan will see Diginaro based on existing eco-friendly blockchains and adapted with considerable improvements; such as faster transaction speeds and tighter security. In addition, the Diginaro blockchain will be open source for developers who see the potential in building additional infrastructures on the network. In short, it’s better for users, developers and the planet!



The incredibly high number of validators of each block rules out the possibility for adding fraudulent transactions into blocks. Such attempts are discovered by the other validators, who then vote to dismiss the fraudulent validator.


Proof of Travel consensus mechanism.

With our Proof of Travel (PoT) consensus mechanism, we avoid the immense energy demand that Proof of Work (PoW) consensus mechanisms require. That means we use a game-changingly small amount of energy when compared to traditional blockchains like Bitcoins’.

The election process is determined by user nodes that report back travel during each 5 minutes block sequence. Every user node (PayTrip app user) who travels more than 100 meters from their last stationary location, are selected to participate in the block verification. The process continues until they become stationary for more than 10 minutes. The block content (transaction fee) is then equally shared with all user nodes that are elected to perform the block verification. If you lose internet connection during travel, we’ve got you covered, as our solution still collect accumulated travel data when in offline mode. Therefore, data taken from your last online checkpoint and first reconnected checkpoint will enable the system to calculate travel time, and the user node will be selected for verification of the correct number of the following blocks. In simple terms, you get paid no matter how bad your connection!

Our consensus mechanism requires a high volume of network nodes located across the globe to operate the network efficiently and keep validators from acting maliciously or adding fraudulent transactions into blocks. Phase one is therefore intended to sign-up the required number of users before we deploy the main net. All users will be automatically transferred to the main net and provided with the necessary wallet and node status once we hit our targets and transition into phase two.


Transaction engines.

Several transaction engines will be deployed on the network and the Mammut among them will be our Airdrop™ AR game.

Airdrop™ is an augmented reality mobile game where players search for randomly located Airdrops that contain Diginaro, in-game tools and items, or both. In fact, you can find up to $100,000 worth of Diginaro in a single airdrop container! However, you need the right mix of tools, speed and clever tactics to be the first player to open an airdrop. Randomly placed Diginaro coins can also be found and collected throughout the game map. Airdrop™ will be the first of many places you can spend your Diginaro, with in-game tools and items available to purchase from your local in-game kiosks. The game is currently in development and will be finished during phase one.

We believe many others will follow, and you should expect to see Diginaro offered as an acceptable method of payment in an increasing number of online shops and service providers in the years to come.


ICO plan.

The launch of an ICO will depend on the number of users and their collective contribution volume. Currently, planning is underway to launch once we reached 10+ million active users, and we will activate our specific domain for this in plenty of time for everyone to examine the full details pre-launch.