NFT Stock Ledger

We have established an offical Stock Ledger by using NFTs as containers for holding the 30 million real company stocks. This facilitate convenient management of crowdsales for further funding the PayTrip project and safely recording proof of ownership for each holder. Buyers becomes legal stock owners and can trade such stocks on OpenSea at their own convenience. Each NFT contains 2000 real PayTrip stocks, witch is legally registered in the the Norwegian Shareholder Register. Like all startups, we also need funding from time to time. We have currently listed 5% of the company stocks for sale to fund further development and marketing.


The NFT's are containers for the real stocks and functions as the company Stock Ledger. NFT's facilitate a convenient way of managing crowdsales, stock trading, and safely recording proof of ownership. When you buy a PayTrip Common Stock NFT on OpenSea, you become legal owner of 2000 real company stocks and the NFT is your undisputable proof of ownership.