Introduction to the PayTrip™ Project

To get straight to the most commonly asked questions, please skip down the page however, we wanted to give you a short introduction to the two phases of our PayTrip™ project first.

Phase One

The first phase of the PayTrip™ project is designed to scale the user base, serve as our ICO information channel, and to help ad-fund further development and scaling network operation. We welcome people from all over the world to earn an unlimited amount of our digital currency, ‘Diginaro’. You are rewarded upto 15 Diginaro for each check-in, and upto 150 Diginaro for every person you refer to register a user account – read more on how to earn here. You can check-in once every hour, and there is no limit to how many people you can invite to download the PayTrip™ app.

We don’t charge you to use the PayTrip™ app. Instead, ad networks pay us to show you ads. Ads are displayed after each check-in and on various app pages. You are not obligated to view or click on any of the ads to receive rewards.

The PayTrip™ app will be forever free and there are no hidden costs involved. No ifs, no buts! However, if you want to increase your earnings and enjoy our ad-free version, check out the subscription-based Gold Member upgrade option in the app.

So, what’s the catch?

There isn’t one. PayTrip™ believes your contribution to our network is worth something. So, your participation is all we need :)

Phase Two

The second phase of the PayTrip™ project is our ultimate destination, and it’s where the real fun begins! Phase two includes the launch of our Proof of Travel blockchain, the PayTrip™ version 2.0 app, and the Airdrop™ AR game. We will kick off the second phase by switching from check-in rewards to travel rewards. The PayTrip™ version 2.0 app unlocks free access to the engaging Airdrop™ game, with airdrops that can contain up to $100,000 worth of digital currency. With all this in place, you will then be able to start verify blocks on our network by travelling. No need to worry though, everything will start to work automatically. You will then begin to earn money for every trip you take and when you play Airdrop™. It sounds complicated but, we’ll be doing all the hard to ensure that, for you, it’s effortless and automatic.

What is Diginaro?

Diginaro is our digital currency, deployed on our blockchain to help people lower their travel costs, and to help millions of people who are unable to open a bank account. Diginaro is designed with the potential to become the preferred mainstream global payment currency. When made available on cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future, you can exchange your Diginaro for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or fiat currencies like US dollars or Euros.

The exact listing date depends on the collective contribution volume of PayTrip users. We will set the opening price of Diginaro based on circulating supply and the number of active users on the network two weeks prior to the upcoming ICO.

Working towards our long-term goal, we will continually focus on navigating our digital currency to become the new and improved Bitcoin. With a green approach and transaction speed that is comparable to that of card transactions, we believe that we can make that happen. We know it’s a bold goal but, you might regret letting the chance of being onboard a “Bitcoin type journey” go amiss again! Think about it.

You have everything to gain from using our reward app and, because it’s free, nothing to lose! Get on board today and download the PayTrip™ app to start earning Diginaro now! Become a part of our growing community and help us make PayTrip™ a global phenomenon, and enjoy unlimited rewards for travelling in the near future.


Diginaro is not free money. You are rewarded for your persistent contributions to our network. You are rewarded Diginaro for check-in and by referring people to join. You will be rewarded Diginero for block verification when you travel IN THE NEAR FUTURE.


How does this work?

In phase one, you earn digital money by checking in at your convenience, and by referring people to join. You can check in once every hour and refer an unlimited number of people to join. Contributions to keep our network active and make it grow is worth something. That is why we reward you for your participation!

What is the value of Diginaro?

The value of Diginaro will be determined by the market when we list the currency on cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future. The exact listing date depends on the collective contribution volume by the PayTrip™ users.

Where does all the payouts come from?

Difficult as it is to explain in plain words, we give it a go by starting to let you compare our cryptocurrency to company stocks. The blockchain is the issuing organ for its currency, and a company is the issuing organ for its stocks. Stocks are commonly traded on stock exchanges, and cryptocurrencies are traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. Nevertheless, stocks and cryptocurrencies can be given away for free, or sold for a set price outside exchanges. Stocks value and cryptocurrency value are both driven by accessibility and demand. However, a large number of users on a blockchain will have a self-reinforcing effect and give the network greater value and sustainability. That’s why it is important for us to build a substantial user base before we list Diginaro on exchanges. The combined number of active users gives the network greater value, and we reward all our active users for that. A win-win situation.

so, with all that in mind, the short answer is that every time you get paid a reward, it is minted in real time and paid out to your wallet.

Can I have multiple accounts?

We allow one account per registered phone device. If you have multiple phone devices, you can have an equal number of accounts.

Do you track my position?

No, we have no form of tracking function in the app. Your data is your business, not ours!

What is the battery and data consumption?

PayTrip™ is a lightweight app that mostly runs in the background. It uses minimal network data and consumes nearly no power. It does not drain your battery, and it does not use much of your network data. This is by design as we know, if it drained your data or power, you wouldn’t use it!

Do I have to watch or click on ads to get paid?

No. Ads are displayed after check-in and on various other app pages. You are not obligated to view or click on any of the ads to receive rewards. We are simply displaying ads to earn advertising revenue to fund our project until we release PayTrip™ version 2.0 and the Airdrop™ game. In fact, there will be no ads at all displayed in PayTrip™ version 2.0. But, in version 1.0, if you see an ad you are interested in, you are welcome to click it. If not, don’t. It’s totally up to you and won’t impact what you earn.