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The PayTrip™ version 1.0 is designed to scale the user base, serve as our ICO information channel, and to help ad-fund phase one. We welcome people from all over the world to earn an unlimited amount of our digital currency Diginaro. You are rewarded up to 15 Diginaro for each checkin, and up to 150 Diginaro for every person you refer who register a user account.

The future PayTrip™ version 2.0 app unlocks free access to the engaging Airdrop™ game, with airdrops that can contain up to $100,000 worth of digital currency. We also switch from check-in rewards to travel rewards, and you’ll start verifying blocks on our network. No need to worry though, everything will start to work automatically. It will be complicated for us, but for you, its simple – earn digital money for every trip you take and when you play Airdrop™.