Our Currency

Diginaro is our digital currency, deployed on our blockchain to help people lower their travel costs, and to help millions of people who are unable to open a bank account. Diginaro is designed with the potential to become the preferred mainstream global payment currency. When made available on cryptocurrency exchanges in the near future, you can exchange your Diginaro for other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or fiat currencies like US dollars or Euros. The exact listing date depends on the collective contribution volume of PayTrip users. We will set the opening price of Diginaro based on circulating supply and the number of active users on the network two weeks prior to the upcoming ICO.

The Diginaro Wallet

The Diginaro Wallet comes with versatile features and maximum-security measures. The wallet is non-custodial and it's therefore crucial that you keep your private key safely stored. If you lose your private key, there are no way to send funds and exchange. We will implement minimum and maximum send limits to prevent fraudulent behavior and to minimize inflation. We will continue to add new and useful features to the Diginaro wallet and we hope that it meets the expectations one has for wallets of today.